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Komodo Dragonz Logo

By Community

The Beginning

We are Komodo Dragonz, a collection of 888 unique NFT's on the Solana Blockchain. Komodo Dragons are known for eating up to 80% of their body weight when eating. Our goal here is simple, to build a strong community of holders and eat like Komodos! Our team consists of members from the Solana NFT community united into one to create the best quality project for all Komodos. Holders of Komodo Dragonz will be rewarded down the line with daily airdrops and much more. Komodo Dragonz are just getting started on our adventure to spread across the metaverse!



Phase 1: Pre launch

  • Launch Discord and Twitter to the public
  • First 100 members whitelisted
  • Host giveaways and competitions for remaining whitelist spots
  • Host promotions/collaborations with other NFT collections

Phase 2: LAUNCH

  • 888 Komodo Dragonz are launched onto the Solana blockchain
  • Marketplaces will go live shortly after

Phase 3: Post mint

  • Verification for holders is added
  • Giveaways and competitions for holders

Phase 4: Longevity

  • Host the first holder event (More info to come)
  • Release Komodo Dragonz merch
  • Launch utility token (More info to come)
  • Baby Komodos are conceived and eggs are airdropped to holders
  • More to come...


Komodo Dragonz are here for the long run, we ensure our holders this by hosting and creating events, utility, and partnerships. Longevity is crucial to any projects success and wellbeing. We here at Komodo Dragonz are focused on building a strong community and rewarding our holders down the line. The longer you hold your Komodo the more benefits you receive, it's that simple.